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Today, we’re officially announcing our departure from Berry Technologies and the metamorphosis into our new identity: Noble. In this Q&A, our CEO Johann Preinsberger explains the vision behind the move; and what it means for the wider industry.

Why has the company changed its name to Noble?

It’s quite simple: we’re cyber security with integrity. We wanted to better represent the quality and ambition of the people who make up our organisation to the outside world. The expertise and passion of our team runs through to our work. We have a wide cross section of talent, from deep learning technologists to front line security experts who have come together with one common mission: to free society of the burden of cyber crime.

We may be a technology company, but the human impact is at the centre of what we do: whether that’s arming the security analyst with the insights they need or protecting the end user. We understand the pressure on the business and the individual, and work to alleviate that every day.

Are you launching a new product?

Our flagship product remains the same but has become Noble Vision. This highlights our key focus: using the latest advancements in deep learning technology to proactively identify and classify unusual activity in your corporate network with granular visibility. We will continue to combine our forensic network intelligence tools with bespoke consultancy tailored specifically for your organisation. Stay tuned for another announcement later this year.

What does this mean for the industry?

The security industry is a difficult place to navigate due to endless jargon and ambiguity around which solutions claim to be a “silver bullet” for cyber-crime. At the same time, we have age-old machine learning techniques posing as artificial intelligence. Noble directly challenges this grey area and brings clarity with our honest vision to help companies stay ahead of those with malicious intent.

We’re here to do the heavy lifting and remove uncertainty: using technology to enable the security analyst to take the appropriate action in the security stack.

We’re proud of Noble Vision, which arms security analysts with a new layer of visibility – using deep learning techniques to shine a light on unknowns by categorising suspicious traffic activity in near real time, in a way which makes sense to humans.

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