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What is Noble Vision?

The age of digital transformation, big data traffic is here. We produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, making it impossible to predict every security breach, anomaly or malware infection facing businesses.

The threat landscape is growing. Cyber security teams are the front line of defence, but they’re increasingly dissatisfied, understaffed and overworked. Legacy network monitoring systems cannot cope with today’s IT Security demands, overloading analysts with security alerts. Real threats are slipping through the net.

Noble Vision is built to cut through the traffic and understand the unknown.

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Deep learning anomaly detection

Noble Vision uses deep learning to identify anomalous activities in your network. Our deep learning models are trained on your network to gain an understanding of your normal network behaviour. Noble Vision analyses billions of data points daily with granular visibility to identify anomalies in real-time. Enabling insight into otherwise unseen activity and the ability to detect behaviours that humans alone could not.

Rather than running hundreds of machine learning models operating in parallel to detect malicious or anomalous activity, we have ONE. And that’s enough.

Operational efficiency

Noble Vision automates anomaly detection, significantly reducing the burden on security teams. Rather than carrying out repetitive triaging, analysts can spend more time doing what they do best: investigating relevant activity – and in near-real time. Anomaly information is simplified and easily accessible, meaning analysts are empowered to reach more informed decisions and reach conclusions faster, significantly speeding up threat hunting.

You might be surprised at what your security team is capable of. Noble Vision automates repetitive tasks and maximises your staff’s time and knowledge.

Intuitive user interface

From experience gained on the ground at the front line and through extensive research, Noble Vision is built to optimise the user experience and provide a solution to long-standing problems. It combines innovative technologies in a unique way to provide a full range of functionality that security analysts have gone too long without.

Noble Vision speeds up interactions with the information, offering full depth and breadth of visibility and collaborative investigations. This is all powered by the best in kind big analytics technology and our leading deep learning engine. Alongside this, clear, contextual and investigative intelligence in visualisations further increase the productivity of the security analyst.

Interact with network activity efficiently via an intuitive UI, designed to deliver what security tools have been missing.

Functional use cases

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