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It’s tough being a cybersecurity analyst these days. Over the last few years we have been repeatedly reminded of the challenge they are now facing, primarily through the steady stream of high-profile data breaches that have hit the headlines.

In the last month alone Microsoft has been in the news after suffering a breach that enabled hackers to access customer email accounts, while a breach at beleaguered social giant Facebook was believed to have left millions of user account details “exposed to the internet”. Indeed, a new report suggests that UK businesses are now attacked every minute, which highlights the scale of the problem.

But it’s not just the growing prevalence of cyber attacks that is having an impact. Factors such as the increasing intricacy of business infrastructures and exponential growth in the amount of data being created through internet-connected devices are both adding to the complexity.

As a result, business networks have quickly become inundated with traffic, in turn reducing visibility for security analysts and giving cyber criminals the upper hand.

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